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Monday, September 05, 2005

Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena – Just another Album.

The music for ‘Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena’ is out and there’s not much to expect. Promos may look impressive on TV but the acid test starts when the film gets released. As for now, let’s see what the soundtrack has to offer.

Dhoom fame Pritam returns with Pritish Nandy Communications produced this crime thriller, after ‘Chocolate’. Cast includes Fardeen Khan, Koena Mitra, Firoz Khan and is directed by
Suparn Verma. Pritam doesn’t bring along anything new. Its Dhoom revisited. The album has 10 songs and out of which 3 are the remixed version of the original track. Now these remixed versions are strange enough. Does raising the tempo of the vocal and putting some added drum beats mean remixing? If it is, I am sure we don’t need any one called DJ. Even a 10 year old can do that if he has little knowledge about the computer.

Anyway, back to the soundtrack, which has 10 numbers and out of those now 7 are remaining on the dissection table. ‘Ishq hai jhootha’ has Sunidhi Chauhan and Kunal Ganjawaala. Now these two have been performing quite well these days and are getting good numbers to sing. Better for them. So this number does the magic again for them. This is one groovy number and has Koena Mitra in a somewhat la Christina Aguilera ‘Dirty’ Look (now go and ask the choreography team and pat comes the denial). The number rocks and does have an element to catch your ears for a while. That’s about it. The album ends with it as rest of the tracks don’t stand out on their own and are heavily dependent on ‘Ishq hai…’ to sell the album.

Sonu Nigam sings “Yaaron’ with Shaan and gets to sing a solo ‘Jal jal ke dhuan’. Sukhwinder Singh sings ‘Nasha’ and Suzanne D’Mello sings ‘Jhoom’

All the numbers sound like one. The album doesn’t carry any versatility. Just one number, ‘Ishq hai jhootha’, gives you a reason to listen to the otherwise OK album.
If you enjoy your music in your car then the album is just right for you. Pick a copy, push, play and enjoy. Once out of the car, forget what you have just listened too…in fact you don’t need to put in efforts to forget the album. Its one forgetful album.


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